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25th of January 2017

25th of January 2017
The Highland Way
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Aha! I have also been drinking. I started with a Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Ale (which is expensive, but they are a US company, so I try to have a little without spending too awful much.....

But then once I have had enough of that so that the bad beer doesn't taste so bad, I start into the PBR. Now, apparently the PBR has become the Beer of Choice for the hipsters, but I don't care. I think it's less disgusting than the other cheap "American" beers (which are now all actually owned by a German holding company, but that is a thought for another day lol), so I drink it anyway.

And now I am not sure if I could stand up if I tried to get out of my chair, humm.....

Sometimes I think maybe it is unhealthy for me to drink so much alone. But I do it anyway.

Oh well. I hope I have not gone off on too much of a drunken meandering on your comments, lol. If so, please accept my apologies. And cheers! Here is the 6th PBR of the night, after which I shall collapse into my bed with Ms. Kitty on my feet (hopefully, unless she has mice to chase tonight). :P

I hope you made it safely to your bed, without tripping on your feet or anything =)

Hehe, I have this savage habit of drinking directly from the bottle, instead of pouring the drink to a glass like the civilized people do. So I think the pictures might often look like I'm drinking more heavily than I actually do. In this particular picture the amount of whisky I drank was about one shot, no more.

But, yeah, seriously speaking - I think alcohol would sure be a topic worth several blog posts, I mean examining both the good and the unhealthy aspects of drinking. And going to the political dimensions of what consumer goods one chooses to buy - that's yet another swamp of thought =) (To drink Scotch Whisky, is there a political statement in it, hmmm...)

Anyhow, I think when I ran the previous 'picture of the day' -series, I honestly did drink more beer more often. Without a conscious decision I've cut down my drinking, and I think one of the key factors has been learning to better manage my timetables. Now, the less I feel that I'm overburdened because of working too long days, there is less need for 'boosted relaxation'. Feeling naturally peaceful there is no need to seek the mellow of slight drunkenness. And I like it this way =)

Oh geez, reading things the next day after a drunk-post is the worst, lol.

I like to have one beer at the end of the day, but I don't normally get falling-down drunk. :P

Hehe =)

Personally, I've thought that the more I become aware of how stupid I talk and act when drunken, tired, or agitated, the easier it becomes to be patient and forgiving with others who occasionally behave the same way =)

But, yeah, I think your previous comment was all fine - nothing particularly stupid or silly there =)

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