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31st of January 2017

31st of January 2017
Morning coffee at 9.30 - yesterday I got all the necessary stuff coded, so today I can allow myself a slow morning.
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I like the design of the mug - your cat is trying to copy it, by sitting on the top of a human :D

Hehe, yes! The cat and I - we are a poor man's version of Town Musicians of Bremen =) It was one of my favourite stories as a child, and maybe it has subconsciously affected my decisions in life. Being a misfit, seeking my own semi-hermit peace in the woods, instead of trying to accommodate to the mainstream society.

Was my first time reading that story, my cultural background is rusty xD My better memories from infance are an old ladie giving me soup near the stairs of an old house and telling me stories like this, from the Brothers Grimm and others, but it is the first time that I hear this one, neither in cartoons in child saw it, maybe in here it is not so much popular has the others from the Grimm Brothers. But I liked it, we are a little like them in the story :)

Oh, what a lovely old lady!

Yes I think many of the old folk tales are mirroring archetypical themes of life. One thematic storyline is something like this: for some reason parents abandon a baby in the woods, but a way or another the baby survives and grows up to be kind of a superhuman with exceptional powers. Bremen Musicants mixes in a version of that theme - the outcasts band together and become stronger and happier than they ever were before =)

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