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9th of April 2017

9th of April 2017
It's been quite a weekend. Sami left on Friday evening, I took him to a railway station and continued down to Tampere, where a friend had a birthday party. Eating, laughing, having a proper sauna bath with some beer. Saturday, after waking up at the friends' place and having a nice brunch with them, I went to a wedding ceremony of another couple of friends. After the ceremony it was a full-blown wedding party with about 120 guests - more food, friends and laughing. And a band with the talent to make the dance-floor go absolutely wild. Since I've learned that I enjoy dancing a lot more when sober, I was good to drive back at home after the party. So I was at home Sunday 3 am. After sleeping for less than six hours I got up and drove to my local town centre as it was the voting day for municipal council and I had promised to serve as a voting room staff. We started at 8 am, set up things and the voting started at 9 am. My feet were aching from all the wild bouncing, my neck certainly remembered that there was some head-banging last night. The picture is me at 7 pm, having the last coffee break. The voting closed at 8 pm, we started counting the votes and got it sorted out in 90 minutes. Finally I was back at home around 10 pm Sunday. Woah!
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What a busy day. I've always wanted to volunteer at voting booths. Maybe I'll ask about it.

Here we had seven parties with candidates for the municipal council, and generally speaking the voting room staff should have representatives of each party to ensure that the voting is fair. And the village and surrounding countryside is divided into several smaller voting areas, and each area needs staff to run the voting room. All of this means that some of the smaller parties have difficulties finding volunteers - and one of the parties asked if I could go, and I agreed. Hehe, personally I'm not a member of any party, but maybe that makes me a good volunteer - committed to neutrality and fairness.

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