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17th of April 2017

17th of April 2017
Popcorn and coding. Couple of months ago I fixed my old desktop. It had Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu and OpenSUSE installed on it, can't remember exactly why... I was pondering if I should keep the WinXP for some reason, should I run all the updates on either of the linuxes, or generally - what I am going to use this old computer for? Well, this week I finally decided to give it a fresh go. I ditched all the old operating systems and installed a light-weight Linux distro called SliTaz. So far I've liked it - it runs smoothly on an old box, making it a nice coding environment for my own little projects. Here I'm polishing the TaruPaja interactive story editor, preparing to finalise the example story. (And the mouse police never sleeps)
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And the mouse police never sleeps, a song Ian Andersson wrote about his cat. I've always liked the poetry of his lyrics.

!! Glad I found this in your comment feed. :D

:D At first I thought to leave the reference unexplained, for those to get who already know that particular Jethro Tull song. But then, since I've anyway been posting music links, I decided to add the link in comments. So, nice to hear that you've enjoyed the link.

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