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6th of June 2021

6th of June 2021
My arm, after yesterday's mosquito attack.
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Completely unrelated, but today I was introduced to a 1970's band Fanny. Pekka Laine played "Ain't that peculiar" in his radio show, and I've been listening to Fanny all day , to the point that it occasionally hindered my coding for I found myself just marvelling at the magic keyboardist Nickey Barclay does. The whole band is packed with talent - and they seem to enjoy playing together, having that deep-running connection which elevates their playing.

Ah, the yearly ritual of reminding one's immune system not to be so fussy about mosquito bites!

This is one of the rituals which seems to work reliably =) My arm has been a little bit sore, but not itching. And it is quickly getting better. However, the same never works with nettles, yet I'm stupid or careless enough to re-try it each summer, just ignoring the nettles and hoping that it won't be that bad - but sometimes that leads to unpleasant itching, which gets worse when it would be time to sleep... Oh well, but maybe this summer I remember to pay a little bit more attention to nettles before my skin gets burned with their acids.

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