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18th of July 2021

18th of July 2021
Litku Klemetti! I like their talent and willingness to re-invent themselves. This time the show was all disco (for that is what their latests album is about). Seems like the band can do about anything, yet maintaining the essence of their characteristic style. It is hard to say what exactly that essence is - it is recognizable, no matter if they are playing punk or progressive rock or disco, it is just the Litku-magic =)
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Tour de France by Litku Klemetti. (I love the way the music video is just one shot)

Ah, Litku Klemetti! From all the bands I've got to know through you, they're probably my favourite!

To tell this story I first need to write a bit of a background; in real life the frontwoman Sanna aka. "Litku" Klemetti is together with Pekka, the guy to the right wearing blue. According to Litku's Instagram, this summer they got married. And towards the end of this gig there was a moment when the newlyweds played next to each other, Sanna on the keyboards and Pekka playing a long saxophone solo. There was that atmosphere that this is not just a "song about love", but this is the very real thing, this is love - all the warmth and joy in the way the played, exchanging the lead and supporting roles on the fly.

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