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19th of March 2015


"PUNK pale ale" by BrewDog


Is that a mid head bang picture? haha

Yeah yeah yeah - I left for work at 10 am and came back home bit before 8 pm. So I felt like head banging to this honest punk anthem by PKN.

The music went well! I think it made the picture real!

also that's a long day man, I was up at 5:20 to leave for work at 5:50...to get to work for 7am... I feel your pain brother

Ouch! I really don't like that kind of early mornings. And I always try to arrange my timetables so that in the morning I can spend a hour just drinking coffee and slowly waking up.

That's me but with shower :D

Mannnnnn, I was going to make a beer picture froim Appalachia for you, but I drank all the beer first. :(

Maybe tomorrer...

Oh, I just found out that there's an English cover version of that PKN punk song!



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