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2nd of March 2015


... hoping that eventually mankind would learn new ways, intstead of just repeating the same stuff over and over again.


I wonder if that's available in England, Though I'm partial to ales more so than a beer :D

As for mankind, I fear we are destined to continue in a circle for too long!

Well, Sandels is an overall nice basic beer - nothing special, still good enough to enjoy. I think Olvi has some labels for export, but I really don't know how widely they are distributed.


Yeah, let's see what will be the next round in this circle of mankind.

Have you ever tried brewing your own?

It's on my todo-list, but there are so many other things I need to get done first, haha.

Given that I can get pretty much as much barley as I could ever need for brewing (we grow a lot of it for livestock feed, so whatever I few bushels I swiped to make beer with would just be a drop in the bucket), I think it might be way cheaper than buying beer at the store......

Of course, then I'd probably be drunk all the time and develop quite the beer gut, haha.

I think i'd struggle to get it in England but its still worth the try even if it is nothing special, I live 20+ miles from a large brewery churning out the generic rubbish, the UK has a serious Stella Artois addiction!

As for homebrew, I've managed Elderberry wine (which turned out very Portish) and Parsnip wine...which blew my socks off! not looked into the beer brewing yet :)

I'll happily trade for some Sandels...name the price...I have hides, dried mushrooms, Zinc Sulphide rocks from a mine long closed...money is not my forte :D

I haven't tried brewing, but it's on my wishlist for years to come =)

"what about six fox traps and two squirrel hides for a pint of Sandels?" =)
Oh well. I'll bring you some, if I someday get to visit UK again.

I made apple wine few times, turned out to be very pleasant. And here's this year experience with mead brewing: http://iconosquare.com/p/917533762037667316_735772996

The proportion was like 1 mead / 3.5 water, also it's stuffed with cinnamon, lemon juice and cloves. 10 litres of it disappeared in no time :)


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