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5th of July 2014


Do you like summer? Or which season do you like?
I hate summer because sun :D
I like autumn because raining, thunders etc and when it's raining. I have good mood.

Every season has its own special characteristics and activities. After the long dark winter summer is welcome with all the sunlight and warmth - no need to heat the house, no need to wear extra clothes when going outdoors. (As a side note, here thunder storms are most common in mid-summer.) And then the berries ripen, mushrooms appear, the garden yields harvest and soon it is autumn with all the beautiful colours, and time to enjoy fire in the fireplace, and winter is both meditative and energetic with crispy fresh air, and then when the spring comes the light again, everything wakes up and the cycle coes on an on... hmmm. So which season do I like? I like today, yeah, today is always the best there is!

You are a excellent philosopher.
I love your replies and reading them :)

*an excellent


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