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7th of January 2022

7th of January 2022
Yesterday the fisher lady called, asking if I'd like to have some pikeperch. So I went skiing and stopped to collect the fish. Today I smoked two of them. So this is how it works: on bottom of the container there is a layer of alder chips, and a few little branches of juniper. About the mid-level of the container are the fish. I close the lid and place the container on top of a fire. The juniper and alder are not going to burn with a flame, but they'll just slowly get charred, emitting smoke which fills the container.
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I'm curious as to how long it takes for the smoking to complete and for how long can you store the fish after smoking them. It's been a few years since I last played Unreal World now...

Ah, compared to the historical methods used in UrW the modern method that I'm using is more like cheating =) The way I do it takes about 45 - 60 minutes, and if I understand the underlying physics correctly the fish is actually boiled because of the vaporized moisture inside the container. So this modern way is mostly just a way of cooking the fish, giving it a nice aroma of smoke. I'd guess it would last maximum one week in a fridge.

But the method in UnReal World simulates so called "cold-smoking", when smoke is maintained for a longer period, always keeping guard that the temperature is not too high nor too low. And that doesn't happen inside a closed metal container, so all the moisture just slowly vaporizes away, the smoke kills all the bacteria, and seeps into the pores of the food prepared. That takes a lot longer, but is actually a way to preserve food.

I see! For some reason I always thought this was somehow equivalent to cold-smoking and drying or other methods used to make sausages, but it now I learned something new! The traditional method is something I'd love to try out if I had the space to do that...someday, I guess =)

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