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8th of January 2022

8th of January 2022
This is a storm-felled tree I cut to pieces small enough to be handled. We loaded the logs on a sleigh. I sit on the back of an ATV, a neighbour is driving, we take the timber to their yard. It will become firewood for them.
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Again, more or less unrelated; A piece of music by Antti Paalanen. Just posting the link for I've found it interesting, I learned it from a friend and I think I hadn't heard Antti Paalanen before.

That's a really nice song, and a nice clip too! Too bad I can only understand a couple words of finnish hehehe

The basic idea of the lyrics goes something like this:

The world is so big and I'm so small
and this small one feels so sad

In the space there is a planet and I'm there [on that planet]
thinking what the hell should I do

got to live, got to live!
gotta live, gotta live!

I like that! Thank you so much for translating it for me =)

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