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9th of January 2022

9th of January 2022
Nothing special, just a winter evening at 4pm.
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I always love seeing the snow, the ,lights coming out of the hut.

I wouldn't call Erkka's beautiful house a "hut," but I do agree with you that the lights create a very friendly and welcoming impression!

Hehe =) I'm fine with the term "hut", for in my mind it is associated with something like "a hermit hut" =) Also, Giovana has visited the place, so they know what they are talking about =)

I was thinkin about this picture, and the symbolism it might contain. I'd guess there is this element of "outdoors it is cold, indoors it is cozy and warm", but this is not quite the classical polar opposites of "evil vs good". The outside is cold, but not evil - it is beautiful, peaceful, fresh, nice - but at the same time one intuitively gets the feeling that in this scene a human being outdoors needs to cope with the cold. But the lights in the windows signal warmth and safety. Indoors it is nice and easy, a home.

Haha, okay, a hermit hut it is then :)

I like your analysis of the picture. Here's another take: Walls and warmth, so that the human may take a break from the surrounding world – and the world from the human! (Not to imply that the world would need a break from you in particular, I'm thinking more generally of the relationship between the human and non-human worlds :)

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