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30th of January 2024

30th of January 2024
A plain ordinary day. After the morning coffee I spent a few hours coding Ancient Savo. Drove to the village center to buy more coffee. On my way back I stopped at the milling company, for there was a minor bug in the software I've coded for them. It took an hour to fix the bug. At home I continued working with Ancient Savo (and took this picture), cooked some food and ate. After 6pm I had one customer for massage. Now it is half past eight pm, I have a can of beer while writing more code.
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The current beta version of Ancient Savo has three starting scenarios. One of them is "leave everything behind", while the other two include the previous generation so that you actually start at the home, the parents still alive.

Today I've been adding one more generation to the chain, so that in addition to your parents there is also a family burial site, with the grandparents buried there. Currently there isn't any real way to interact with the spirits of the late ancestors, but it is possible to switch playing as the spirits. In that mode you can't control the game, you just watch the AI run the living members of the family. I'm not yet sure, but I'm feel slightly optimistic about adding some interaction between the spirits and the living - once some other more urgent features are implemented.

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