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3rd of February 2024

3rd of February 2024
A neighbour asked for help with felling some trees. Me and yet another neighbour promised to help. It was nice to work together.
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In Finnish culture there is a word for this; "talkoot" - when people (typically neighbours, or relatives and friends) gather together to do voluntary work. Either for common good, or to help the one who called for talkoot (that is based on old agrarian sense of mutual trust, knowing that if today I go to participate in other people's talkoot, I trust that the others will volunteer if I ever need some extra help)

I don't know if there is a name for it in English, but looks like in East Slavic languages there is "толо́ка́", which is pronounced almost the same as Finnish "talkoot". If there is a word for this in your local language feel free to comment below =)

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