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27th of May 2024

27th of May 2024
For a few days I've felt vaguely not fully hale, yet not quite ill. Just more tired than normal, with a hard-to-describe bodily feeling of "there is an inflammation simmering somewhere". I was thinking about writing a blog post about psychosomatic issues, and the two-way interaction between mood and bodily functions. But, as it often goes, what little of brain capacity I have today I sink it into indie coding, hoping to write a blog post some other day.
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I hope you feel better soon. I have had issues with my mental health and bodily functions for years now and it turned out to be IBS and Celiac disease. Your gut health and mental health are tied closely together. Be well!

Ah, so how recent are those diagnoses? Meaning, have you already witnessed your well-being improved by just minding the diet? I hope so!

Here I'm already feeling almost normal. And, the way it was a day or two ago, it still felt too vague to be anything to go see a doctor. Like, it is already years since I had a common flu, but I've noticed that when there is a virus going through the local population, I tend to get these mild and vague symptoms - not becoming properly ill, but not feeling fully hale. And sometimes it feels like it might also be my body reacting to the pollen in the air. Can't say for sure. Still - I do think that also in my case it won't hurt to pay a bit more attention to my diet, adding some more stuff which are good for the gut microbiome.

I was diagnosed a few years ago and have been on a very strict gluten free, soy free, dairy free and low FODMAP diet since then. I have many dietary restrictions but my well-being far exceeds eating my old favorite foods just for thrills or cravings. I have focused on healing my gut microbiome and the results are like night and day. I also have a sensitivity to pollen this time of year and have to take medication to properly function! I hope you start to feel more hale and maybe experiment with a new diet and see how it works for you. Cheers.

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