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Noidannuoli can be translated as painstruck although it literally means an arrow of the witch. The song follows a setting to cure and beat an ailment by first describing its' origin and the symptoms and then to drive it away by chanting and verbal outburst. In this case the evil to be exorcised is Noidannuoli - pain in one's lower back. Recorded in 2010. Instruments: shaman drum, hand drum, julmu (the bird whistle), pärrä (the whirling wood), sheep vertebrae, elk jawbone.

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I want to thank you with all of my heart for the music you make, and for UnReal World as well. My life was forever changed in a great way when I first discovered this music and UrW, I will carry them in my soul until my final day!

Nice! And of course it is same for us, too =) I mean, our lives would be so different without this Enormous Elk creativity.

I am very happy that it has change your lives as well, it is an amazing thing :)

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