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Fifth year of blogging

It is five years since my first blog post. It is funny, as one of the persistent themes of the blog has been my difficulties with getting things done; all too often it feels that unplanned urged things emerge and half-finished projects get postponed until they just get buried under the growing heap of new ideas, new projects, work, household chores, tiredness, dancing and meeting friends. Yet, it seems like writing the blog has become a habit for me, I seldom need to put extra effort into it. Ideas emerge from little observations of my daily life, passages of text start to formulate semi-autonomously in the back of my mind while I drive or do some manual work, and eventually I feel a need to write out a line or two.

Oh well. Just for the diary-effect I read what I had written for this anniversary-post a year ago. I was planning for a bunch of updates to the Enormous Elk site. So, today I put a few hours of work into further polishing some stuff which have bothered me for a while. The most notable updates are; I abandoned the "see also these"-box which used to float to the right of blog content. Instead, now there is a separate blog post containing lists of links. I also added "Sticky posts" -section to the bottom of Blog Entries -navigation box. And moved the newsletter subscription to a separate page, hoping it will help to stop spam subscriptions (spam-bots constantly try to subscribe to the newsletter, using non-existent e-mail accounts. That causes the site to send a load of confirmation e-mails to faulty addresses. It's not a major problem but a nuisance I'd like to get rid of.)

As a side note; the interactive story suite called Tarupaja, it has been one of those projects in danger of getting buried under all the other this and that of my life. But, abandon no hope - I'm still working with it, hoping to get a fresh version published the coming January.

That's all for today! Thank you for everyone who has been following, regularly or irregularly, for a long or for a shorter time. I appreciate all of your feedback - and of course it is also perfectly okay just to read without commenting. Thumbs up for you people!

working with the site layout
working with the site layout
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Thank you for another great year of writing and photo shooting, Erkka. :)

Thanks for being here with us for another year, Erkka! Happy new year!


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