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January pictures

After implementing "sort by" option to the Blog Entries -listing, I've sometimes checked the entries with most likes. In a way it is very nice, since after three years of blogging I don't always remember exactly what I've already written. Browsing some of my older posts is like reading a diary - it brings back old memories and helps to better see where I am now and where I come from. Well, since October pictures has been liked so many times, here is January pictures. I left to work at 11:30 am and took these pictures just the moment before that. At this time of the year, the sun barely makes it above the treetops to the south of my yard. Oh but how the world is so beautiful with all the frosty trees glimmering with sunlight!

The temperature has been around -20 to -25 °C, with the night time low being about -30 °C. In the morning when I wake up the indoor temperature is +10°C, which is survivable. And it soon gets higher as I burn fire in the stove.

Frosty trees in the January sunlight
Frosty trees in the January sunlight
Half an hour to high noon
Half an hour to high noon
The treetops cast shadows on the house
The treetops cast shadows on the house
The horses enjoy sunlight
The horses enjoy sunlight
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Love your blog - just found it and can't stop reading. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! It is always nice to hear that someone enjoys reading the blog.

(Although, thinking of it; negative feedback would be equally welcome. I won't get hurt if people tell what aspects they didn't like or where they disagree. I think honest communication is a value in itself.)

Pleasure - I wish I was there. Sydney is too hot right now - hate it. Planning to maybe build a cabin like yours in Tasmania - it's never more than 25 degrees there. And I love winter. I spent January and February in Germany once and just loved it, cycling on the snow and all. Just loved it. We do plan a trip to this part of the world soon. Thinking of Iceland, but will try to visit Finland too - although it will be in August/September - not really winter.

AND I'm starting a philosophy course next month, so we can share more thoghts ;) THanks again.

Thumbs up =)

Does winter really depresses? And the dark days? I have the feeling it would have the opossite effect me... =)

Ah, winter is not depressing for me. For some people the lack of light might have a depressing effect, but luckily I've always been fine with that. And for me, a proper crisp freezing winter is much more enjoyable than a kind of prolonged dark wet autumn we just had. When I was kid, there were autumn rains in September, and in October the weather usually turned into dry and clear, temperatures falling below freezing. But last year it was all damp, cloudy and rainy all the way to end of December. I didn't find that very inspiring =)

Talking of people suffering sadness/tiredness from the lack of light, there is a growing number of people in the UK saying they are suffering 'Seasonal affective order' every winter when it becomes dark, i've never had it however, i've worked outside all the time, i go out on the weekends into the forests and mountains, i feel that because the more modern world is in a 'live for the summer/party all the time' that people are seeing winter as an unnecessary season in a way, if that makes sense, young people here wait for the sun as a queue to drink and stay up with the longer sunlight and the warmth, but soon beg for 'abit of rain' then when the season changes its back to the 'omg i hate rain...when will the summer be back, theres nothing to do blah blah'

I think I started to rant a little there aha sorry.

I used to get a little down sometimes in the winter, in previous years, anyway. No problem this year, but I have been outside a lot more now that I no longer work for the phone company.

I used to take a vitamin D tablet when I started getting gloomy, and that seemed to help. Though maybe it was just a placebo, lol.

I do think that we are genetically programmed to sleep more in the winter, though. Like maybe evolution makes it that way so that we don't expend as much energy during the time of year when food is most scarce. I sleep 8 or sometimes even 9 hours per night in the winter, but only 5 or 6 in the summer.

Good comments, mr. Trawford & mr. Polecat =)

When we had those days of -30 Celcius, I considered if I should cancel my customers - just because it is an extra strain for a car to drive in such temperatures. The engine can always be pre-warmed with electricity, no problem. But other parts like shock absorbers are going to be freezing cold, which makes metal prone to wear, tear and damage. Well, but I didn't cancel - I've just been hoping that year by year I find ways to better adjust my sources of income so that there is more freedom to react to unpredictable weather conditions.

But one of the things I already like is that most of my booked times are at afternoons, so that I seldom need to get up early. Especially in wintertime, when the sun rises at around 9 am, I enjoy my slow mornings, just sipping black coffee and waiting for my brain to power up =)

Hi again! I told my hubby about your blog and how much I enjoy reading it. I said you work as a masseur and coding. He thought it was a very strange combination. Nothing wrong with that, just unusual. Hope you don't mind me asking, how come you do two very different things - is it by chance, pleasure, necessity? PS: Oh, and now I can't stop listening to "Veere, veere päevakene" - thanks so much for making me happy!

Ah, it's nice when people enjoy the music I've been posting links to.

This massage / coding combination is because of life =) I mean, I've been doing things I like and learning some basic skills. I studied philosophy at the university, but I didn't want to pursue an academic career and I moved back to live in the countryside. And nowadays there aren't that many work opportunities in the countryside, so I've just been looking around, trying little bit of this and that. Once I was working as a farmhand in a horse stables, and one year I was teaching English for kids at the local elementary school. And somewhere in between I was a project co-ordinator. Once I spent a week working in a small factory assembling wooden doors. Like, just looking at possible work opportunities available at the local area, and trying what ever I felt that I could do.

I think this period while I've been writing this blog is the longest period in my adult life that I've had more or less stable and settled pattern for my work and income. As, usually I've been kind of a drifting from a project to another. Now, as I am self-employed, it is mostly about learning to plan and to organize my work better. I'm slowly steering my working patterns so that there would be less massage and more coding (ie. less driving a car and more income I could work at home).

Some more thoughts and stories are at least in these posts:
Tactical loitering
Working for money


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