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Third year of blogging

And it is three years since starting this blog. This one is 158th blog entry, so the average has been one blog post per week.

Already when I started the blog, I thought about tagging each text, so that later on it will be easier to sort and to find texts related to certain topics. But since I wasn't that familiar with the content management framework I'm using, I didn't figure out how to display and to navigate those tags the way I'd like to. So I made the tags hidden, hoping that someday I'll have a drop-down menu for the users to choose filtering criteria. Well, yesterday I got serious about getting that done - my first idea was to write a piece of my own code to customize the topic list provided by the framework. But, after some studying I realized that I don't need to write a single line of code - the framework offers all the functionality I've been thinking about, all I need is to adjust some of the settings.

I re-arranged and rewrote my list of tags - it was easier to do now, when I already know what topics I've been writing about. The tagging system would easily allow different levels, ie. having child categories under a main category. In a way that would be great, like under the main category homesteading having sub-categories like fishing,cooking,renovation. But at least for now I decided to go with a simple one-dimensional list of tags. As, anyhow, there is that search bar on top right, which allows the reader to look for any content they like. Introducing some new tags meant that I browsed through all the previous 157 blog posts, checking that they are properly tagged. That took some time, but it was also nice to skim through all those old memories - once again I realized that in some many of the earlier posts I often mention being sleep-deprived or very tired, so no wonder I don't always remember exactly what I've already written =)

EDIT: There were still some trouble with filter criteria and pager. Now I got it working in a satisfactory way. The site remembers both your chosen tag and the page you are on, in case you are browsing to the older pages in the blog entry list. Now the only problem is a scenario like this: first you have a list of all the blog entries, you browse back some pages to find an older post, you click it on the menu and read the text - all fine. But if you then want to change the filter criteria, and choose tag "about", you get an empty list. That is because the site still tries to give you the third page in the list, but filtered with tag "about" there won't be that many pages in the list. I haven't yet figured out how to clear the page selection when re-filtering the list.

I was also hoping for some visual and lay-out improvements for this third anniversary. But all I got done was to make the comment input field resizable =) You can freely adjust the height of the box - which might be handy for those who like to write longer comments. I'd guess that with most of the web browsers you can grab the bottom-right corner of the box and move it up and down.

I took a picture of my house, as it is today - comparing that to the picture in the first blog post, one can see how my house renovation has been going.

Thank You Everybody who have been reading, commenting and discussing!

My house, as it is today.
My house, as it is today.
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That traditional paint really turned out nice.

Yeah! In the beginning I was somewhat worried if the paint will get somehow ruined. As painting in late Autumn is against all the advice, and there was a risk that if the paint doesn't dry properly, it will be washed away by autumn rains. And after my painting project we sure have seen all kinds of weather - storm winds, constant rainfall for days, freezing temperatures, and a heavy snowfall. After all of that, the paint is still all fine. I'm relieved to see that =)

In the picture we can see those white boards around the window on the left. And around the door and the small windows there are just unpainted boards. They all are just a temporary solution for this winter - I plan to redo them the next summer.


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