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Hukka juoksee

Hukka juoksee can be translated as wolf running - and the wolf is running through the woods and through the marshlands, quickly stopping to smell the nocturnal air and then continuing to run - through the woods and through the marshlands to meet up with the pack. Recorded in 2009. Instruments: jaw harp, shaman drum, hand drum, rapapalli (the birch-bark rattle ball), elk horn rattle.

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by this kind of Music i would even hear a full CD of it. But the rapapalli -in sense of my music taste, shouldn't get a "solo" for it own and should be implemented as a main sound in that bracket with a drum(can't hear out what exactly it is) as by 1 minute instead like in 0:30-0:45 secs. the howl is a great intruduction in the 2nd bracket :)

Great piece!
Is this in Creative Commons? I'm curious if I'd be able to use this in a game I'm making. Its a free game that I'll make zero profits from, if that changes anything. Cheers!

Generally speaking, it is licensed CC BY-NC-ND - which allows sharing, but not exactly using the piece in ones own project. But I'll send you a private message for further details.

Wish I had found your songs and Unreal World years earlier! What do the lyrics mean in English?

The lyrics would translate something like this; "Through woodlands, through mires, through forest (the wolf runs)".


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