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Log building timelapse

A casual, recreational, traditional log building video. Shot in April 2017 when working on a firewood shed at Erkka's place. This is a timelapse video (with few detail shots) of carving and fitting one log in place, which took about an hour in real time.

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Wow! An hour per log, with 2 guys wailing away. Dang, but that's labor intensive for sure! Very interesting video; thanks for sharing it!

And that makes a wall only good for a simple shed, as there are gaps between each log. On my personal YouTube channel I have a video of making the construction air-tight. Working alone it took me one and a half day of work to get a single log completed. Labor intensive, yes, but then the good thing is that you only need basic tools like an axe and a knife - no nails, no screws, no chainsaws, no sawn timber.

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