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A roadtrip from Erkka to Sami

A casual video blog with not-so-serious narration.

Sorry there is an accidental mobile phone noise in the latter part of the narration. People, always remember to turn of your mobile phones before pressing the rec button !

The music is Peter Gunn -theme, (S.C.R.L.M.Y.T.R. REMIX) by D.V.M.X.T

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Thank goodness the enormous Finnish elks stayed in the forests instead of the road on your trips.

Indeed! I think 'Elk' in Finland is roughly the same as 'Moose' in American English, an adult male can weigh about 500 kg. And indeed, they spend winters and summers in different locations, so they migrate between those places in spring and autumn. So this time of the year there is a heightened risk of having elks on the road. But, luckily, they are mostly active in late evening twilight, so in full daylight the roads are safe.

There are elk in North America - twice as large as a deer. Moose are even larger. The Finnish Elk may be larger than the American version(unsure). The language gets a bit confusing as in British English the word elk means moose. Whereas in American English it means the elk - or wapiti as the American Indians called them. Wapiti translates to white rump(butt). I've seen a herd or two wandering near my location in southern Oregon.

Yes, I think we Europeans often use British English naming conventions. So, what we call Elk is Alces alces.

Aha, mooses are cool. The biggest animals we have here are the black bears, which I have seen dead ones weighing 700 lb (~300kg), but most of them tend to be in the 250-350 lb (100-150 kg) range. Then next are the white tail deers, which are fairly small here due to overpopulation, probably only slightly larger on average than the European roe deer. Some of the whitetails out west are monstrously sized, but here they are small lol.

Sometimes I wonder, how my life might be different if I didn't have such strong family and land bonds here in Appalachia. I often think that, if I didn't have those bonds, I would have ended up in northern Idaho or Alaska, the vast uninhabited tracts of snowy forests, just being antisocial and eating animals and weeds until I died from exposure or accident far from civilization, lol.

But as to the bears, I love bear hunting so much. Hunting the other animals, even the turkeys... There is just no comparison..... Here is one of the few places in the US that they still allow us to run them with hounds, and we chase them for miles, through such rough terrain. It is like a little pocket of Real living amidst the fake-ness of modern existence.

I loved this! I didn't know what Finland looked like and now I do! :)


Glad to hear you liked it =)

The scenery is somewhat different in midsummer when everything is lush and green. Maybe we need to shoot another video in July.

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