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12th of December 2017

12th of December 2017
Blog readers from Brazil! They're visiting Finland, and on their way to Lapland they stopped at my place. They brought me Brazilian coffee beans and a bottle of rum. We mixed drinks which would've required blocks of ice, but since I didn't have any we used snow instead =) All in all, it was a nice glad day.
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Yeah! What pleasant day and experience getting to know Erkka and his life in the woods in person! Gratitude!


I'm glad that you had the time and opportunity to visit my place. Days like these make my life feel more rich, full and colourful - a little bit like living in the Moomin house, having all kinds of wandering adventurers stop by, which makes the daily life appear as tinted with fairy-tale colours =)

We wish we had stayed longer in Erkka's Moomin house!!!

Brings a smile to my face too :)

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