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13th of December 2017

13th of December 2017
Grinding coffee beans to cook today's morning coffee.
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Glad you enjoyed the coffee from Brazil and put the old grinder in use!!!! ;)


One little detail which has gave me extra delight; As I've been using the vintage coffee grinder, it makes the coffee more coarse than the type of coffee I've been buying from the local super-market. Coarsely ground coffee suits better for the old-school way of cooking coffee, as it sits quicker in the pot, sinking to the bottom of the pot.

I've known that difference but kind of a forgot about it, as for so many years I've been using coffee which is ground to more fine powder which is better when making filtered coffee. The thing is, I prefer to buy fair-trade and organic certified coffee. And they don't sell that coarsely ground.

But now the vintage grinder gives me coffee which is coarse enough to fit perfectly for my vintage way of cooking coffee =)

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