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30th of December 2017

30th of December 2017
Well, I'd probalby have some work to be done, some responsibilities to be taken care of. But today I don't care, for the deadlines aren't imminent. I only feel a need of a temporary slip away from the mundane world of daily responsibilities; and it's the last 100 pages (out of 500) of the book - Salman Rushdie's "The Ground Beneath Her Feet". A strange book, which tingles my imagination and touches a lot of topics, thoughts, emotions, dreams and ideas I can relate to. So I just want to finish the book, to see where the story will take us. One of the most strange and touching book I've read so far, it covers topics like pop-music, dancing, mythology and philosophy, the age-old questions of 'belonging to a culture' and 'being a free individual'. Wow, just wow =)
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