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31st of December 2017

31st of December 2017
The last day of the year, and the last picture of the series! Thank you and thumbs up everyone who has been following! I think I won't start another "picture of the day" series for the coming year 2018, but instead I'd like to publish some photo albums dedicated to different topics, like coding sessions with Sami, or camping a night out.
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A magical 2018 Erkka! Sending greetings from Berlin. Keep posting photos! ;)

Ah, I wish all the best for you and the whole family! I hope you'll have merry further adventures and travels - and peaceful nights enjoying the sunset scenery, once you get back home!

Thanks for sharing the daily photos, it's been a wonderful journey! Cheers from the other side of globe :)

It's always nice to hear that people enjoy the photo series. Cheers!

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