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10th of June 2021

10th of June 2021
This is the yesterday's picture, seen from another angle. So it is a boat! Two years ago one of my neighbours asked if I'd like to have this boat - a wooden rowing boat built in a traditional fashion. The only problem was that a part of the keel had rot in it, and the neighbour had removed the bad part, thinking that one day he'll replace it. Apparently, that "one day" didn't happen. Well, last summer I was thinking that "one day I'll craft a new keel piece for this boat". It didn't happen in 2020, but this spring yes. This picture shows the new keel piece in place, after applying a layer of tar on it. Yesterday's picture shows the inside of the boat, and that is why the keel wood appears light - and in yesterday's picture we see some thick black tar seeping through the seam between the new keel and the rest of the boat.
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Ha! So it was tar! Obvious in hindsight.

Must feel great to have restored such a beautiful piece to being useful again!

Well, I hope it turns out to be watertight =) But, yeah, this has been very interesting project, and made me feel that some year I'd love to try craft a wooden boat myself.

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