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1st of April 2021

1st of April 2021
The story: This winter I built a small roof for the stairs. As the weather got warmer I noticed how the roof got more and more tilted, probably because the soil ice thawing unevenly. Last Thursday, before leaving for Sami's I thought I'll quickly adjust the roof, gently lifting the supporting structure to make it even or possibly even leaning a little towards the house. So that it won't collapse while I'm away, and then I could do the final adjusting in the summer when all of the soil ice is gone. OK, that was what I thought. But, often when we think "I'll just quickly do this...", it doesn't happen like that. I used a small jack to lift the supporting structure - it worked well until the jack itself tilted and collapsed, taking the roof with it. Uh oh. So the roof had been lying "face down" on my yard since last Thursday. For yesterday's "picture of the day" I tried a coffee selfie, but chose a more sunny shot instead. Today I decided to try to fix the roof. Using a winch and ropes I eventually managed to get the roof back to an upright position. Hooray!
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