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4th of April 2021

4th of April 2021
Smoking fish. I have probably told this story before, but I can't resist so here goes: years ago one of the locals said that after some experimenting he had found the optimum smoking time for a pike; "the time it takes to drink three cans of beer". Somehow I like the way this definition carries layers of meanings. First, it tells us about the pre-modern agrarian lifestyle when you don't use a watch to measure time. Second, it tells us about an unhurried way of living; instead of multitasking and getting maximum things done in minimum time there is this attitude of just slowly sipping beer while waiting for the fish to be done. Sure, yes, there is nothing glorious nor admirable in over-drinking alcohol, but also in this regard this story is kind of okay; in modern time units it takes about 45 minutes to smoke a pike. Drinking three small cans of beer in that time is pretty moderate (especially in the context of old-fashioned moonshine-drinking Finnish countryside...)
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