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6th of June 2024

6th of June 2024
9 days ago I posted a picture of planning a system to make rounded tile edges. And finally it seems to work! It grew to be bit more complex than my original plan, as one tile can be neigboured by various different tile types, which then affects the desired shape for tile edges and corners. Well, but with some compromises I got it working, most of it handled on the GPU side with a single shader pass.
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The game is coming along nicely! Looking forward to future progress.

Thanks! Tinkering with the details of graphics system has been interesting, but time-consuming. My fingers are itching to get back to actual game content, so I hope the graphics stuff will soon be good enough =) The main thing missing before the intended September release is improved AI which could run the other family units of the player clan, also occasionally paying visits to the player family to exchange news or to ask for help or to deliver surplus if they are doing good.

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