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7th of June 2024

7th of June 2024
Today I heard strange noises from somewhere under the balcony roof. At first I could not see anything, but then I spotted some movement. There is a small hole in the wall siding, and it looked like a little bird had went in but could not get back out. The bird was flapping winds, pecking the wall siding, but just could not get out. Maybe its feet had got stuck in some structure, I don't know. Well, I climbed a ladder and removed a piece of the wall siding. But the bird was not there - apparently it was not stuck nor hurt that bad, so it could move in the narrow space in between the siding and wall structures. Then it came to look at me, but didn't fly to freedom. Maybe it was exhausted, and couldn't know if I'm a savior or a predator. So I went away and didn't even stare, as I had a feeling that it is easier for the bird to go out when it feels everything is safe and no-one is looking at it. I hope the little fellow is doing fine.
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